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Gambling & Gaming Compliance

Regulation of the gaming industry by a variety of gaming jurisdictions varies widely in how the regulatory requirements are met and adhered to. Regulation of gaming has continued to evolve, to change and to adapt in order to keep abreast of an industry that continues  to challenge the regulatory infrastructure. The emergence of new gaming jurisdictions worldwide has increased the burden on both gaming regulators and gaming companies. It is a constant theme that in order to participate in the gaming industry, the requirements of each individual jurisdiction must be met in order to hold a license and operate.

UKGC ComplianceGambling and Gaming Compliance - How Abilott Can Help

We are experts in new international markets, the UK market and multi-jurisdictional licensing. The process of achieving gambling and gaming compliance and gaining an operator’s licence can appear both daunting and confusing, but rewards make a massive impact both on reputation and on the financial front. Abilott have the right experience and tools to help your business achieve its relevant license/s.

Abilott offer specialist regulatory gaming and gambling compliance services to the International on-line gaming/gambling industry.  We have significant expertise in the interpretation of 'incountry' gaming regulations and can take you through the complete process of jurisdictional requirement interpretation; through legal, technical, choosing or managing your Accredited Testing Facility (ATF) and process implementation and ultimately through to the award of an operating licence (or multiple licenses if you choose multiple territories).

Gambling ComplianceGambling and Gaming Compliance - Next Steps

Abilott will guide you through the process of assessing your current state of readiness or achieving full compliance to the relevant gaming/gambling Standard, for instance, the UKGC. Abilott have been advising on international regulatory programmes for many years with our most senior consultants having worked extensively with leading industry names in the field of gambling and on-line gaming, and our support teams have multiple security accreditations. Using tools we have developed through our experience, we can speed up the implementation from the usual 9-24 months to less than half of that, which means that your route to an international gaming licence is significantly reduced.

Abilott will speed up the process by:

  • Having the knowledge to advise and guide you through the process. Knowledge plays a vital part; without this your compliance programme will take much longer, and the chances are, you won't meet the requirements of the in-country regulator, which will affect your ability to be granted a licence or have an existing one renewed
  • Running the implementation as a project, with defined objectives, milestones, responsibilities and deliverables 
  • Refining existing procedures and processes to save anything up to 20% to 30% of your time and cost
  • Using the appropriate documentation templates – templates made specifically for purpose and tailored to you.

Why use Abilott for Gambling and Gaming Compliance?

At Abilott we have deep experience in understanding the critical business issues of Information Security and Information Technology. We appreciate the wider business implications Governance, Risk, & Compliance can have on an organisation and we can work with you to align these with the everyday needs of the wider business to make integration take place seamlessly and with minimal disruption.

Some key benefits of choosing Abilott are:

  • We understand how to integrate business and technology issues
  • We are vendor neutral, and technology independent
  • We tailor our services to your needs
  • Our transparent pricing enables us to be competitive whilst also delivering a first class service
  • Our proven track record and blue chip client list is testament to our service offering
  • We help you understand complex IT issues and relay these issues into business friendly solutions
  • We pride ourselves on being experts with transferable knowledge

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