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Software Development

We have developed SportsBooks, Games, Applications, and more. Our clients are now able to benefit from our software development team.

Software DevelopmentCurrently our clients are in the gambling, gaming and financial sectors.
Our team is appealing simply because, we 'hand picked' everyone. Our developers have come from Microsoft, IBM, FDJ, Skybet, Betfair, BBC, Openbet, Sky, the Financial Times and other large online sports betting companies.

Software Development with Abilott

We prefer to work in an agile manner whereby we utilise scrum and kanban depending upon the development phase and customer release schedules. That being said, we are highly flexible and can fit in with any development methodology set out by our customers.
We have also put agile development plans in place so that any existing processes are streamlined.

Our Software Development Team

Software DevelopmentOur development team inherently makes use of test driven development (TDD). This ensures that the best practices are in place; this in turn delivers the highest possible level of confidence and stability.

We provide thorough QA testing as part of our development process. This would include manual and automated testing. We also work consistently on stress testing our software to guard against regression and platform degradation.
TDD is also fantastic for reducing debugging time. Simply put, it tells you whether the last change broke any previously working code.

Question now is, why outsource your software development to Abilott?

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