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Data Centre Consolidation

Organisations are under increasing pressure to improve external and internal customer service levels, increase availability and reduce costs. Organisations often look to achieve these goals through managing their technology environments in a more cost effective and technologically improved manner. Naturally, being the central location for organisations shared computing resources, the data centre is the most concentrated, complex and strategic component of the IT environment and is therefore the starting point for pursuing reduced complexity and better manageability.

Data Centre ConsolidationWhy Consider Data Centre Consolidation?

We can help you through the process of delivering the data centre consolidation programme. Data centre consolidation planning requires an understanding of your current state (‘as-is’ or Present Mode of Operation (PMO)) - exactly what you have, its function and interdependencies, where it is located, its configuration and connectivity - and then designing your required end state (’to-be’ or Future Mode of Operation (FMO)).

Further, the ability to communicate all future plans to the appropriate individuals for approval and implementation (Transitional Mode of Operation (TMO)), is essential. Finally, all successful data centre consolidations are predicated upon having the systems in place that effectively manage and report on the status of the programme throughout its duration.

Abilott can drive and deliver the programme by:

  • Using  our extensive knowledge we can guide you through the process. Our knowledge could expedite this process for you, maximise of your business needs and help prevent extended end date, changes and penalties
  • Helping you understand the ‘As-Is’ status, work through technical challenges, consider infrastructure refresh options, deal with contractual and legal issues, generate supporting documentation and deliver the ‘To-Be’ solution
  • Running the implementation as a project, with defined objectives, milestones, responsibilities and deliverables
  • Using the appropriate documentation templates – templates in your language, appropriate for the size of your company and made specifically for the purpose
  • Using our 'developed for purpose' tools that enable organisations to document their exact configuration before a consolidation, visually develop proposals of their desired state that can be easily communicated for approval, and then programme manage the entire delivery (or key parts of the delivery), generating management reports at regular intervals.

Data Centre ConsolidationWhy use Abilott for Data Centre Consolidation?

At Abilott we have deep experience in understanding the critical business issues of Information Security and Information Technology. We appreciate the wider business implications Governance, Risk, & Compliance can have on an organisation and we can work with you to align these with the everyday needs of the wider business to make integration take place seamlessly and with minimal disruption.

Some key benefits of choosing Abilott are:

  • We understand how to integrate business and technology issues
  • We are vendor neutral, and technology independent
  • We tailor our services to your needs
  • Our transparent pricing enables us to be competitive whilst also delivering a first class service
  • Our proven track record and blue chip client list is testament to our service offering
  • We help you understand complex IT issues and relay these issues into business friendly solutions
  • We pride ourselves on being experts with transferable knowledge

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