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Business Continuity Management

How would you and your business deal react if one of your offices, call centres, plants, or locations, was destroyed by fire, flood or some other unpredicted event? How would you handle an event that denied you and your staff access to your site? How would you deal with key personnel becoming unavailable for extended periods of time? How would your relationships with your clients and suppliers be affected? How would you get fully operational again, or can your business continue to partially operate effectively?

Business Continuity Management - why implement?

Business Continuity ManagementAll companies continually look to grow their business and maximise profitability.  What happens when the pursuit of growth ignores the growing risk to the organisation from a disruptive event, whether small or catastrophic?

A well designed Business Continuity strategy, plan, processes and structure can improve an organisation’s resilience, which in turn can contribute to improved corporate performance.

Business Continuity impacts the entire business, for example:

  • IT server and Data Centre recovery
  • Staff, buildings and critical business processes
  • IT security management
  • Catastrophic infrastructure failure
  • External failure or geographical access restrictions

Would you like to view our 6 stage methodology for Business Continuity Management?

Why use Abilott for Business Continuity Management?

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 12.00.15At Abilott we have deep experience in understanding the critical business issues of Information Security and Information Technology. We appreciate the wider business implications Governance, Risk, & Compliance can have on an organisation and we can work with you to align these with the everyday needs of the wider business to make integration take place seamlessly and with minimal disruption.

Some key benefits of choosing Abilott are:

  • We understand how to integrate business and technology issues
  • We are vendor neutral and technology independent
  • We tailor our services to your needs
  • Our transparent pricing enables us to be competitive whilst also delivering a first class service
  • Our proven track record and blue chip client list is testament to our service offering
  • We help you understand complex IT issues and relay these issues into business-friendly solutions
  • We pride ourselves on being experts with transferable knowledge.


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