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How Business Can React to Cyber Threat

In our last few blogs, we have considered how dangerous it has become to under-estimate the threat of cyber crime. Even between our frequent blog posts, new cases of cyber attacks pile up, proving anew what has long been proclaimed by cyber security professionals: the internet’s age of innocence is over.

Facing Up to the Security Shortfall

What can individual companies do? It can be confusing, intimidating, and many despair of adequate protection, relying on herd tactics, that sheer numbers may be the best shield. However, malware can turn herd tactics into a stampede of cyber destruction. In reality, governments and international bodies are slowly making moves to protect citizens, businesses and national interests, though how long this will take to be effective is something of a moot point. While the glacial process of governmental cyber security leadership moves towards its uncertain goals, it is best that each business and organisation do its individual best to deal with the threat of cyber crime. Every company and organisation should adopt best practices, conduct rigorous testing, and would do well to formulate a cyber security management plan. Abilott are well-experienced in such matters and will be delighted to assist businesses of all sizes in every stage of the process.Ransomware

As you start to build your cyber security defences along more modern lines, it is good to keep in mind that cyber security is, as we have often discussed, not a one-off task, but a continual process. There is no steady state of cyber safety, but rather a state of constant siege. Every business must man the ramparts, so to speak, and be prepared to do so indefinitely. The war of cyber security must be seen as a new running cost to be factored. A bitter pill to swallow, but it is the reality which we must all face.

Building a Better Cyber Defence

Encryption and cloud storage are often portrayed as the death knells for cyber attacks. This is simply not true, and the case-history of hacking has shown that cyber criminals invariably find a way. The real secret is to stay ahead of the pack; keep your security systems up to scratch, identify vulnerabilities and eradicate them. Always apply new patches promptly; WannaCry showed with painful emphasis how deadly delaying your Cyber Securityupdates and patches can be. It is always good to take advice from professionals, and with such aid try to find the suite of security software best suited to your business. If at all possible, invite a professional assessment of your cyber security situation; this may involve pen tests and some new protocol adoption. Privileged user access may need to be reviewed, and a considerable number of other risks may be identified, depending upon each business case. If you can pursue such a course, Abilott will be able to help you through each stage.

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