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Digital Marketing: the Potential

Marketing, when driven by accurate, focused data-streams, has the potential to reach out to and engage with prospective clients to an unheralded degree. The advent of digital technology has fuelled the progressive ambitions of the marketing industry, facilitating outreach and consolidating influence along a variety of new vectors. The continuing and dynamic development of digital marketing has seen traditional Internet channels, such as email, be matched and exceeded by the growth of the mobile market. In the mobile market, application marketing is rapidly setting new boundaries of both what marketing is and what it can achieve.

How Best to Grow Your Business

Today, digital marketing, still freshly imprinted on the consciousness of society, has already evolved to harness the opportunities presented by mobile marketing. When the situation is so protean, maintaining an up-to-date, working knowledge of the digital marketing scene can be a tall order; Abilott are happy to advise on both what is possible and what is advisable on a case-by-case basis. The expertise available from Abilott is perfectly attuned to bespoke business marketing projects, marrying company profiles to the marketing campaigns and growth

The current cresting wave of digital marketing involves a combination of all the different areas; from venerable-yet-effective email marketing campaigns to the latest approaches to video marketing. This combination of methods is vital; consumers rarely rely on just one platform, let alone channel, and by diversifying across the entire digital landscape, marketers create a convincing and compelling presence. A profile that has digital weight cannot be created overnight and is far from effortless, but it is what businesses must project if they are to have a long –term future.

Your Future Prospects

There will always be a place, somewhere, for the physical space and tactile experience of retail shops; just as there will always be a service industry built around products and service delivery itself. However, the last few years have shown a marked steepening of the decline in conventional retail sales, How exactly this will convert to the High Street in five years remains to be seen, but the smart money for future growth lies elsewhere, namely, online.

Considering this online growth, if you wish to grow your e-commerce market-share, then digital marketing must be your friend and boon companion. It may call for a significant amount of self-education; we do not all appreciate how important e-commerce has become, but the trends show that the majority of us will soon be pursuing e-commerce even more.

The Next Five Years

Several recent reports have bandied about the astonishing claim that half of US families now are subscribers to Amazon Prime. Amazon’s growth has been stratospheric, outstripping conventional retailers and just about everyone else. While the dominance of Amazon has become something of a commonplace, it is a remarkable fact that they have quintupled their sales in just a few short years. Without an infallible gift of foresight it is always a risk to say ‘in five years…’ but we have already done so once in this blog, so it is with precedent: where will Amazon be in five years? Can they sustain or even exceed their current levels of growth?Business application marketing

Abilott has long been a proponent of e-commerce enablement. The Abilott team has sought to benefit clients by a best-practice standard of digital marketing. In line with the pursuit of such standards,  our next blog will continue our discussion by prompting some self-examination for business management, and then by searching for the answers that digital marketing can provide.


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