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Digital Marketing: Potential Realised

In our last blog, we took a look at the exciting developments of e-commerce, and the trends that seem to both herald success for online retails, and doom for more traditional retail channels. So as not to be caught on the wrong side of the divide, in this blog we will be posing some questions as the well-spring for discussion and self-examination, with the purpose of identifying how to best solve the e-commerce equation in the instance of your business. We will share our belief in the power of digital marketing, and how Abilott is in a prime position to realise your business potential by such means.

Asking the Right Questions

In our last post, we considered the recent and near-future growth of Amazon. As inspirational, boggling, or down-right frightening as it may be to muse on the prospect of Amazon’s titanic future form, it is perhaps more important to ask, ‘where will my business be in five years?’ and not rest until you have a reasonable estimate of a conclusion. When we ask these sort of questions, we can have a sort of safety-valve in our internal responses, a governor of self-deceit to regulate the dangerous pressure of marketing

It can be less painful to avoid the harder questions.  Nonetheless, if you genuinely care about your business (and we compose this blog under the assumption that you do), you owe it to yourself, to your employees, co-workers and clients to take on the hardest questions. Take a hard look at your current business conditions, examine the trends in your operations, and try to judge what sort of future these trends project. Is your client base shrinking? If your profits have been steady, are you over-reliant on too few clients? A limited gene-pool of contract sources could spell disaster. How many contracts could your business afford to lose? When was the last time new clients sought out your business, attracted by your reputation and portfolio? Even if you were recently approached, are you content with the trickling in of new custom? Do you have a strategy for developing a steady growth of new clients?

Pursuing the Right Answers

Pursue the answers to the above questions, and all the other queries that will cascade down from them once you start the process of operational examination. The answers may not be palatable, they may even be problematic; but once you have the answers, you will have the germ of the solution for any problems they pose. Identifying the problem is the first step; then you can identify the solution, and finally apply the remedy. We say finally; but in truth, there is a further stage, the stage where you reap the reward, seeing your business boom. But, more haste, less speed; we are getting ahead of ourselves, and while you think on the areas for improvement in your business, allow us to provide some genuine development

Digital marketing may be a catch-all title, but it does allow you to catch all demographics. The proper implementation of digital marketing calls for serious expertise, something that Abilott has, happily, in abundance. Few companies will have the luxury of in-house digital marketing capabilities, and even when they have the skilled staff, it can often be at the cost of core operations, as secondment or just plain old doubling up on tasks has its inevitable impact. Many firms have found that outsourcing holds the answer, enabling business focus to be maintained while new growth can be developed. Talk to Abilott today to see how your enterprise can be transformed with a bespoke digital marketing campaign that embraces both the variety and potential of this exciting marketing frontier. A marketplace of billions awaits; allow Abilott to make the introductions.

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