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Defending Against Ransomware

In our previous blog, we discussed the devastating effect of the WannaCry ransomware attack. A feature of the WannaCry assault that bodes ill for the future is that it bears the hallmarks of being amateur in origin. We posed the question, that if such cyber-carnage could be achieved by an amateur attack, what could we expect the effects of a professional attack to be? It is a nightmare prospect, and while governments and law enforcement agencies seek to apprehend those responsible for WannaCry, businesses are starting to question what their next steps should be.

A Global Vulnerability

Companies across the world are vulnerable to cyber crime, and ransomware is one of the most dangerous aspects of cybercrime. What can businesses do to defend themselves from the next ransomware outbreak, which will surely come?

Ransomware is becoming an increasingly prevalent form of malware, often spread by spam emails and phishing campaigns. These social engineering approaches are insidious and spread with bewildering rapidity. Regardless of how, once the malware has access, it will lock-down the victim's computer, files and network, then demand payment, usually in the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Such was the method of WannaCry, and this tactic shows signs of further adoption by cyber criminals.malware

Ransomware is a devious and troublesome threat, and Abilott heartily recommends that every business should formulate a full-spectrum security strategy. Abilott are experienced at constructing bespoke security solutions and will be happy to discuss the options with you. While such a business-wide approach is the gold-standard that all serious-minded businesses should aspire to, we can present a few best-practice tips to illustrate how an improved security awareness can benefit all web users.

Best Practice Tips To Protect Your Business

First, back up your data. Obvious, but all too often it is forgotten. It is good to schedule regular back-ups so that if you do become the victim of ransomware, your losses will not be entire. Backing up data may be something of a chore, but it could save you a good deal of grief and worry.

Secondly, patch and update your software. As WannaCry has illustrated so powerfully, patches are released with good reason, not just to give IT staff something to do. Promptness in patching your systems is like being prompt in replacing the batteries of smoke detectors in your office. Prevention is always better than cure, especially when the threat is ransomware.cyber security

A third and final tip is to use up to date security software. While security software is a basic step, it is remarkable how many companies overlook updating their first lines of cyber defence. Skimping on security software is a common budgetary feature, but can come back to haunt decision-makers.

Finding the right balance for each business is a challenge and one that does call for experience. Thankfully, the experience of the Abilott team is at the disposal of businesses and organisations of all sizes. Contact us today and start protecting your business, not only against the grave threat of ransomware but all forms of cyber threat,

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