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Business Continuity Management: In Action

In the previous blog post, we considered how business continuity management could be seen as perhaps a luxury. After all, businesses are often struggling just to keep up to operational speed and within agreed budgets; the thought of side-lining fundamental operations with additional planning for what can be perceived as only possible problems may not be overly palatable. All the same, problems can and will arise for every company, and sooner or later, a business will face a serious disruption. Business continuity management is a strategy to cope with whatever may threaten your ability to function as a trading enterprise; it can determine your ability to smooth over disruptions. And ride out the storm intact. Business continuity management will call for work to get set up and running, but outsourcing can provide an achievable and affordable solution to the initial challenges of BCM.

Preparing for Inevitable Disruptions

Every business should, or indeed, must face up to the inevitability of disruption. Once the eventuality of disruption has been recognised, the value of BCM becomes clearer. If there is no continuity management in place, even small hiccups can quickly cause huge bottlenecks in distribution or workflow. If your staff are then forced to react, often starting on the back foot, results will be lacklustre and disappointing. How better it is if there is planning in place; staff will have playbooks, so to speak, fall-back, and alternatives on hand; all allowing business to continue, for routines to adapt, and profitability to be maintained.

business continuity management
As you work to create your continuity management scheme, a good deal of analysis and assessment will be undertaken. Such a level of study and research, perhaps to a degree never before experienced by your business, will allow you to identify potential bottlenecks and problems well before they can impact your productivity. The virtue of BCM as a streamlining tool becomes apparent; not only will you be better able to deal with disruptions, but by examining these potential disruptions, you may well reduce their frequency in the first place.

Training to Maximise and Limit

Implementing a BCM system does require an amount of onboarding; staff will need training, and overall business awareness must be fostered. Again, outsourcing can be a great help in this area, and Abilott are both happy and able to assist you with your business continuity management from end-to-end. From formulation to implementation, Abilott can make the entire process a smooth and gradual transition, where your business will move from a lack of preparedness to a full readiness for whatever issues Business Continuity ManagementWe often find that businesses are told to implement business continuity but more often than not, they don't even know where to start. At this stage, a business continuity management consultant will rear their head offering to take all the potential pains away. The average BCM consultant will make all the right noises regarding BIAs, MTPD, plans and RTOs. Read more… Business Continuity Management Most types of consultancy offer a 'cost benefit' whereby the consultant will be able to demonstrate changes and/or cost savings for the client. When it comes to purchasing business continuity consultancy, you are planning for something that may actually never happen. If the plans do have to be used, the consultant has been paid and is off to their next job. If the plan does not work, the consultant could then try to blame the updating of the plan and not the original plan which they delivered. The purpose of this Business Continuity article The idea of this article is to give you an idea of what to look for when it comes to choosing a bcm consultant this will hopefully ensure that you get the services you require at the correct level of delivery. Business ContinuityBCM Consultant - what's different? There is no real difference in choosing a BCM consultant; you need to look out for Chemistry and Personality. Do you like the them? Would you be happy to spend 6 months, or longer, working alongside them? Are you okay for them to go up in front of your CEO and critique his or her existence? Do they speak the language of the business as well as business continuity? Will they fit in with the current culture? If you are wanting a lot of workshops or presentations then be sure to ask them, as part of the selection process, to give you a presentation and/or free halfway workshop. Look out for the messages around how they would carry out a business continuity workshop. Be an informed buyer - know your Business Continuity Management If you do not understand enough about business continuity when putting out to tender, this will be noticed; you could be inviting people to make this a confusing time for you. It can also make it very difficult for those replying to the tender to cost the job accurately. A business continuity workshop can help you in this scenario; we actually do offer half day workshops for free and you will find the material we share to be educational and informative. We often hear of people that have taken on a BCM consultant and never really been happy with the level of work being produced, but never knew enough to challenge anything. Simply put, the better you understand the subject, the better and more cost-effective your purchase of business continuity will be. Business Continuity Management - selecting a company In the first instance, we would recommend searching around using various terms such as business continuity consultant, business continuity consultancy, bcm consultant, business continuity management, etc. Don't ignore those that you haven't heard of. Check forums, portals, blogs, social media pages, social media accounts on LinkedIn, etc. Business Continuity PlanThere are a number of different types of companies available that offer you the chance to purchase business continuity management from them; every scenario will come with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. There is an old saying, “nobody ever got sacked for employing PWC”. If you are going to employ one of the large multi-discipline consultancies, check that they employ business continuity specialists and be sure to check how much experience the bcm consultant who will be working with you, has; make sure they haven't got someone who is learning business continuity on the job. Just because they are a larger business, it does not mean that they will be compatible and as personable as you would like them to be. You want to look for, and approach firms that have loose alliances and can bring in associates when needed, to help deliver larger jobs or to help out when they are too busy. They'll be fairly flexible on price, and they are able to offer a bespoke flexible service to their customers. ISO 22301Business Continuity Management Experience and Qualifications The Business Continuity Institute’s qualifications are the most widely used, (also known as the BCI). Our bcm consultants hold the MBCI and/or FBCI qualification. Our supporting consultants are at least AMBCI qualified. If the consultant in question does not have a qualification in this field, you would do well to question why; are they serious about their profession? Be careful that the consultant in question does have all the right experience; some have a good amount of experience but not experience in implementing all of the business continuity life cycle. What industry experience do the bcm consultants, or business continuity management company have? ISO 22301 Business ContinuityISO 22301 Many will make claims regarding their work and the compliance with ISO 22301. Business continuity implementation is only a small step towards implementing the ISO 22301. If you need to certify your organisation to ISO22301, you should make this known to the bcm consultants or business continuity management company from the outset. So in conclusion, you should make sure that you understand the subject matter so that you know what is going on; remember to ask for a workshop. If you want to talk to someone about a business continuity management workshop today, feel free to get in touch with one of our consultants. For more regular updates and news, you can Follow us on LinkedIn.may arise. Such an implementation programme can serve wider goals; not only will your staff be trained to follow the guidelines of your BCM system, but their overall awareness of business continuity issues can contribute to eliminating problems either before they arise, or before nascent problems get out of hand. Just as fire alarms and drills can avert total disaster, greater fire awareness can stop fires even developing. To a similar principle, as BCM can stop the worst effects of business disruptions, the increased staff awareness that it engenders can reduce the number of disruptions also.
Contact Abilott now to start the discussion regarding your business and how outsourced continuity solutions can help you manage the challenges you inevitably face. Reduce tomorrow’s problem-resolution times and costs by maximising your BCM preparedness today.

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