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Business Continuity Management: In Action

In the previous blog post, we considered how business continuity management could be seen as perhaps a luxury. After all, businesses are often struggling just to keep up to operational speed and within agreed budgets; the thought of side-lining fundamental operations with additional planning for what can be perceived as only possible problems may not…
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Business Continuity Management: In Theory

If a business is to have a long-term future, it must deliver. To attract, and then keep the valuable custom of clients, companies need to make promises that they will then see through. As a business does so, it builds its reputation, which contributes to maintaining and expanding the client base upon which the enterprise…
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Disaster Recovery: Formulating the Plan

A disaster recovery plan will not save your business just by being written. Such a plan is not a talismanic ward against the elements and cyber-attack; but it is the manuscript, the play-sheet that can prove to be the anchor of your business survival. It is up to each firm to react to the circumstances…
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Disaster Recovery: Essential Planning

Every business must face the fact that it has vulnerabilities, regardless of sector, operational size or physical location. In recent weeks, the Abilott blog has examined the menace of cyber-crime, a global threat that respects no boundaries. This blog has emphasised the importance of preparing for such events, and how to deter best or head…
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