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Disaster Recovery: Essential Planning

Every business must face the fact that it has vulnerabilities, regardless of sector, operational size or physical location. In recent weeks, the Abilott blog has examined the menace of cyber-crime, a global threat that respects no boundaries. This blog has emphasised the importance of preparing for such events, and how to deter best or head…
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Privileged User Monitoring: Solutions

In our previous blog post, we considered the problem of privileged user access and started to discuss the subject of privileged user monitoring. What is privileged user monitoring, and can it be carried out without damaging trust within the organisation or business? (more…)
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Privileged User Monitoring: An Examination

For any relationship to succeed, there must be trust between all parties. You will know this from your family life, from your circle of friends, and from your workplace. Just as a family can become strained by mistrust, a group of friends can drift apart, and businesses and customers will likewise soon find themselves distanced…
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Digital Marketing: Potential Realised

In our last blog, we took a look at the exciting developments of e-commerce, and the trends that seem to both herald success for online retails, and doom for more traditional retail channels. So as not to be caught on the wrong side of the divide, in this blog we will be posing some questions…
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