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About us

Who we are

Since 2007  Abilott has been an industry trusted security organisation specialising in the delivery of complex technical and governance, risk and compliance management programmes. We cover Security, Governance, Compliance, Software Development and Marketing.  Abilott has a strong presence in a wide variety of international industry sectors and our consultants offer a wealth of experience in on-line gaming, financial services, telecommunications, government & IT Outsourcing.

We have helped over 100 companies make dramatic savings in time spent managing standards and specific business challenges across their organisation, by reducing risk, incidents and costs. Our work has delivered greater control, visibility, assurance and accountability along with general improvement in business performance.

Why use Abilott?

Our approach is flexible, adapting the ways of working so as to conform to selected standards or parts of standards. We do not bring in wholesale change/s that would disrupt or make your business more complex.


Our focus


Abilott Core Services
Abilott has its core services catering for businesses in need of IT Security, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, ISO Standards, PCI DSS, Data Centre Consolidation, Penetration Testing, DDoS Protection, Insider Threat, Gambling & Gaming Compliance, and GDPR. Our core services are offered to all industries and we have case studies that demonstrate our approach and success.


Software Development
Abilott's software development team deal with games, sportsbooks, applications, projects that are completely outsourced, and programmes that will otherwise miss an upcoming deadline. With a team of 18 developers that are based in London; we are able to cater for any software development engagement. Our Software Development team is available to any that have a need and want to keep their software development in the UK.


Startup Involvement - Equity Exchange
We are passionate about startups in the technology and gaming sectors. We are able to get involved at any stage and we are able to offer any of our services to startups to ensure that they succeed. If a gaming startup needs to be compliant with a gambling commission we will cater for this, if they need a development team we can arm them with ours, and if they need an in-depth marketing strategy to ensure that milestones and objectives are achieved we have a team in place just for this.

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